Rental Car Damage Protector (CDW) with Allianz

For your consideration, W/2 Rentals provides access to this optional coverage. This option is made available for you the renter to consider. The “Get Insurance Quote” engine below provides quotes for the Rental Car Damage Protector by Allianz Travel. This offering is otherwise known as a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policy. Allianz can provide a full range of travel insurance and policies for your consideration. Please call or send us an email if you would like more information.

W/2 Rentals does not underwrite any insurance products.

W/2 Rentals insurance requirements are defined on our Renting with Us and FAQ’s pages.

If you elect to purchase the Allianz CDW, the Certificate of Insurance/Policy they provide may include language similar to the following. Your policy with Allianz will however be specific to the information you provide Allianz during the quote process:

“Collision, loss or damage coverage


When it applies

A car you’re renting is damaged while being driven or while it’s left unattended, is stolen, or is damaged as a result of a cause other than collision (for example: fire, storm, vandalism or theft) during the scheduled rental period.

Specific requirements:
• The driver is authorized according to the rental car agreement; and
• You must provide us with all proper documentation and information to assess and process the claim.

What it covers

Please refer to your letter of confirmation to confirm your coverage and
limits in your plan.

Repair or replacement

The cost to repair or replace the car (whichever is less)

  • repair costs include only reasonable and customary costs to repair the rental car and reasonable loss of use fees the owner of the rental car charges while it’s being repaired.
  • replacement is the actual cash value of the rental car, minus its reasonable salvage value.

This policy only provides coverage in accordance with the above provisions, regardless of whether the loss ultimately incurred by the owner of the rental car exceeds the covered amount.”

There are additional coverage and exclusions contained within the policy. If you elect to purchase, you the renter are responsible for understanding the terms of your insurance, including the purchase of this or any other supplemental policy. This optional coverage CANNOT be used with W/2 Rentals vehicle rental agreement addendum (for commercial use).

Some specific exclusions noted in the Certificate of Insurance/Policy pertaining to rental vehicles include:

You aren’t covered for any loss that results directly or indirectly from any of the following specific
exclusions unless they’re included in Section 2, What this policy includes.

Collision, loss or damage coverage

  • vehicles not required to be licensed;
  • trucks, campers, off road vehicles, trailers, motorbikes, recreational vehicles;
  • antique cars (meaning cars that are over 20 years old or have not been manufactured for 10 or more years);
  • limousines;
  • vehicles used for commercial or livery use whether or not licensed for such use (commercial use includes hauling or transporting materials or goods necessary to or reasonably considered to be engaged in a commercial or livery use);
  • any vehicle with an original manufacturer’s suggested retail price greater than $75,000 (unless specifically stated otherwise);
  • any vehicle used off maintained roadways;
  • any loss not reported to the rental car agency;
  • any obligation you assume under any agreement (other than your insurance collision or comprehensive deductible);
  • any damage which occurs while you are in violation of the rental car agreement;
  • any rental or leases exceeding 45 consecutive days;
  • any consequential, incidental, or other such indirect or associated damages, whether or not such damages result from a covered loss;
  • ordinary wear and tear or mechanical breakdown of a vehicle (unless the wear and tear or mechanical breakdown results in a covered collision); or
  • cars rented in or driven through:
    • Israel;
    • Jamaica;
    • Republic of Ireland;
    • Northern Ireland; or
    • jurisdictions where the law doesn’t allow this coverage.

You’re only eligible for coverage if we accept your request for insurance.
Your plan’s effective date depends on how you purchased it.

if you purchased it’s effective:
in person the day and time you purchase your plan.
over the phone the day after you place your telephone order.
by fax the day after we receive your fax.
online the day after we receive your online order.

Trip interruption coverage begins on your scheduled departure date.

Collision loss or damage coverage begins at 12:01 am on the date the scheduled rental period begins or when you take possession of the rental car, whichever is later.

If you change the dates of your rental car reservation you must contact us prior to picking up the rental car to change the scheduled rental period dates. If the new scheduled rental period is longer, you’ll have to pay additional premium. If the new scheduled rental period is shorter, we’ll refund the difference in the premium.

If you extend the rental car agreement after you take possession of the rental car, you must contact us prior to the end of the last day of the scheduled rental period to purchase additional coverage.

Your trip interruption coverage ends on the earliest of:

  • midnight on the last day of the scheduled return date, as shown on the letter of confirmation;
  • the 45th day of the trip.

Your collision loss or damage coverage ends on the earliest of:

  • when you return the rental car to the rental car company and they take possession of the rental car; or
  • the 45th day of the scheduled rental period;

If you return the rental car to the rental car agency prior the end of the scheduled rental period, you may be entitled to pro-rated refund of premium. You must contact us to request a refund.

Your plan can’t be renewed.”

Again, this is optional coverage that W/2 Rentals wants to make available for your consideration. Please contact us at any time about this optional coverage, we’re always happy to help!