How to Book: RVs

Welcome to W/2 Rentals. We are a local, independent vehicle rental company located in the Walla Walla Valley. We provide easy pick-up and return at the Walla Walla Regional Airport or your location nearby! Use our online booking system or call us to make a reservation. We’ve outlined the steps below.

What if I just need a quote? Follow Booking Steps 1-3 below and click on the "Quote" button towards the bottom of the screen, enter your email address and there you have it. You can also continue to register a user account and request a quote at Step 5. The Step 3 and Step 5 quote requests will include a link to return to the booking process. You can make changes, or continue the booking and get a confirmed reservation upon full payment.

Below is a step by step guide on how our booking process works.

Booking Steps Bar

How do I to start the reservation process? Start by clicking on the Book: RVs link in the website footer. From there, follow the six steps in our booking process: first is to select the dates you’re interested in, the last is pay & confirm. Payment schedule for your reservation request is as follows: 40% at time of booking, provide Security Deposit & Proof of Insurance within 48 hours of booking, remaining balance to complete reservation. 

Step 1: Rental Period

Enter your email address. It will be associated with your Renter and Driver information in Step 4.

Select Pickup and Return date and time for your booking. Note: one day is on a 24-hour clock. For example, if you select rental start (pick-up) at 10 AM, the rental end time (return) is 24 hours later at 10 AM. All reservations must be completed 48-hours in advance of Pickup date.

Then select the Pickup and Return location. 255 A St. at the Walla Walla Regional Airport is the default pick-up location. This is our RV pick-up and return location. This location provides a great space to complete the walk-thru, answer questions and get you on the road!

If you are in Walla Walla, we allow for you customize your Pickup and Return location for a small fee. You will confirm this custom selection in Step 3, Options. (We will verify Custom Pickup and Return location requests to ensure safety and city and county regulations prior to confirming.

When finished with selections, check the box for our privacy policy. Then click and continue to Step 2, Vehicle Selection.

Step 2: Vehicle
Available vehicles, with description of features. After reviewing, select your vehicle by clicking on the box below the daily rate(s) and total for the vehicle you have chosen for your rental time period.

Step 3: Options
Options step you will see equipment and services.
We do require you to fill the tank when returning the vehicle. 
If there are going to be additional drivers, make that selection here. We will allow for custom Pickup and Return locations and you can add rental extras, like “Road Trip Unlimited, Propane Refill and Waste Dump Prepay.
When you select any equipment and service your summary on the right will automatically update. Finish selecting your Options and continue on to Step 4, Renter and Driver information.

Once your order has been updated select the button either below the rental summary or at the bottom of the page to continue on to Step 4 Renter and Driver information.

Step 4: Renter and Driver information
Returning Customer? login with with Google or the email address (Social Login) used with your account set-up from a previous rental.Social Login

General section, complete all fields for the Primary Driver. All driver’s must be 25 years old too use a W/2 Rentals vehicle. The birth-date information will be cross-checked with the drivers license added to the account in the next section.

General Information Section

Renter Drivers License section, complete all fields. Enter drivers license #, expiration date and upload photo of the actual drivers license.

Drivers License Section

In the Renters Insurance Policy information, you will need to enter the insurance policy #, expiration date as well as upload either a scan or photo of the actual insurance card or policy.

Renters Vehicle Insurance fields

Note: This is where an additional RV insurance policy will be added upon completion.

If you selected Additional Drivers in Step 3, start by clicking on Extra Driver Information (#1). Similar to the Renter, you will add the General Information about the Additional Driver including License and Insurance. Note: be certain to include the Additional Drivers when purchasing the Motorhome Insurance.  

Extra Driver Section

Enter the extra drivers license #, expiration date and then upload photo of the extra drivers license. Then have the extra driver sign the signature line.

Repeat the above process for each extra driver’s information. When finished, click on on the bottom left of the page to continue to Step 5 Booking Request.

Step 5: Booking Request
All of the information provided in steps 1-4 are shown here on your Booking Request: Vehicle Selection, General Information, DL, Insurance, Uploads, Booking Dates, Summary of All, Options, Cost, etc.

In order to ensure an efficient and accurate booking and reservation process, PLEASE enter all of the information requested. All information will be verified. Missing or incomplete information (for example, a photo upload that is not correct) will require follow-up before reservation is complete.

Booking Request Selection

If all of your information looks correct, confirm your reservation by signing, then check the checkbox then select the confirm reservation button.

If you’d like to make changes to any your information here at the Booking Request step, e.g. booking dates, options etc., use the arrows to click back to the step you’d like to change.

Forward and Back Arrows

Once changes are made, select the Next Step button (or the Rent This Vehicle button if on Step 2, Vehicle Selection).

Next Step Button

After verifying your information is correct, return to Step 5, Booking Request to secure your reservation by signing, selecting the checkbox then clicking the Confirm Reservation button and proceed to Step 6, Payment & Confirmation.

Step 6: Payment & Confirmation
You will see Radio button selection next to all accepted payment methods. Please select this radio button. (As you will see, we only accept major credit cards at this time. Please see the FAQ about using credit cards for additional information.) Once selected enter the name on the Credit Card and the credit card information, the 1st payment is for the 40% of reservation total required to secure your pending reservation and will auto-populate. Then click on the green button marked Pay.

Payment Step

You will receive a confirmation email from W/2 Rentals with all of your reservation information, the rental agreement, and steps for completing the insurance steps. You will also receive an email confirming the 40% payment. Your booking will be placed in “Pending Reserved” for a period of 48 hours at which time you will need to complete the additional insurance step as explained in the attachment to the rental agreement you received with your confirmation.

Next Steps:

Motorhome Rental Insurance Insurance is required to rent with W/2 Rentals.  Because of inconsistencies in consumer insurance policies and whether or not they cover for RV rentals, we’ve elected to require all renters to purchase a Motorhome Insurance policy for your rental period.  The cost of this insurance is $21.00 per rental day. The base offering complies with Washington State minimums and is provided by the Insurance company that insures our rental RV.  You may be offered the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for your trip.  When purchased, we will receive a copy of the Insurance Policy Addendum and your booking will be updated with the Motorhome Insurance policy addendum.

Refundable Security Deposit Request W/2 Rentals will send you an email request for the security deposit.  Please click on the link provided in the email to complete the authorization/payment to for the reservation.

Security Deposit Payment
Security Deposit Request

Request for Remaining Balance W/2 Rentals will send you an email request for the remaining 60% balance of your booking. The email is similar to the Security Deposit email.

Booking Status Once these payments are received, your booking status will now update from “Pending Reserved” to “Reserved”.

Cancellations Please note that if you need to cancel your Pending or Reserved rental be aware of the cancellation policies as explained in our FAQ’s or in the rental agreement you received in your confirmation email.

Pick-up On your reservation day we’ll meet you with the vehicle, check your drivers license, verify that it is you, go over the rental summary, vehicle operations and features. Then hand you some keys and your on your way!

For more information, check the Pick-up and Drop-off information in Renting with Us – RVs.

Have any problems or issues? Love our service, or just want to drop us a note? We can be contacted at or by calling (509) 301-9140 or (509) 301-9658 with any questions or comments.